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Why Tabladillo?

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Enthusiasm · effort· dedication · quality

“CARNICAS TABLADILLO, S.L. Is a family company dedicated for over 50 years, 
to raising and producing SEGOVIA SUCKLING PIG.”

Dedicación exclusiva


Exclusively dedicated to suckling pigs, a specialist single species company continuously improving its rearing and production processes.

Marca de garantía PROCOSE


We are also the only plant in Segovia with the PROCOSE quality seal that is certified to export suckling pig to third countries.

Alimentación 100% natural


All our suckling pigs are fed 100% natural feed to ensure a totally healthy product.

Generación tras generación


Generation after generation we have watched over each of the processes involved, offering our customers the best guaranteed quality.

Through genetics and careful selection of the breed

Is a mixture of WHITE LARGE + DUROC +LANDRACE, we obtain a consistently high quality suckling pig, with a unique flavour, juiciness and special crunch that is unlike that of any other other breed.