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Tabladillo Quality

Innovation and development.

we take care of our product, we take care of you

Animal welfare

We follow special plans to guarantee our animals’ welfare and prevent stressful conditions, so as to get tenderer, tastier meat.

Our farms are large, with up to 20% more space per animal than required by european regulations.

The sows have a longer inter-pregnancy interval than the required minimum, so that they can relax and rest.

Hygiene and food safety

Our facilities have the latest food production technology in which hygienic conditions are combined with the best handling and hygiene practices, physical, chemical and microbiological inspections, plus metal detection and temperature control during every process, so that we can offer the highest food safety guarantees.


Ours is a sustainable activity, with integrated organic waste management and our own treatment plant to meet the requirements of the duero hydrographic confederation. Organic wastes are used as a natural fertiliser on our cereal crops, from which a 100% natural feed is produced that is fed to our sows.


The three main concerns of our r&d department are the development of new suckling pig-based product lines (oven ready), innovation and development of the industrial processes (including new cooling and packaging systems), and the development of improvements in the production processes (improvements to the farms and food safety).