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The best and most modern machinery with highly qualified professionals.

modern facilities

Our ample, modern facilities with high-tech production and food safety methods have allowed us to develop our own comprehensive in-house production system that controls all the stages of the process: prior to the animal’s conception, its birth, rearing, controlled feeding, production, packaging and logistics.

Nuestras Granjas

own farms

Our own farms, or farms under the strict supervision of our veterinary technicians, who oversee the animals’ welfare and respect for the environment by giving them only 100% NATURAL feed.

Nuestra Planta


Our in-house laboratory and quality team exhaustively monitor our products to ensure the highest quality. In addition to the the mandatory official controls, we voluntarily undergo random quality controls by external third-party companies.

Laboratorios Tabladillo

our laboratory

Our facilities have the latest technology for receiving, slaughtering, cutting up and packaging our products with the most stringent levels of food safety. We have cold rooms, classification rooms and an IQF tunnel freezer for the different production processes.

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