Cárnicas Tabladillo has a special feature which make us to go further than the simple buy and sell of products since we count with own farms that allow us to control piglets from birth. Thus, and according with current standards concerning quality and animal care, we can assure the kind of the piglets that we market is outstanding. We carry through a more stringent control on animals feeding and care, resulting a natural product that matches the most innovative patterns concerning to facilities, control and care of animals.

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With different rooms and expertise professionals in each one, slaughterhouse is become to be the key to make from the piglet a Segovian delicacy. We own modern and care facilities since 2008, which are in constantly evolve in order to suit the market needs. Within this environment highlight two cutting and packing rooms that have the most innovative means. With these facilities and their respective specialists performing to their task in each of them, we have achieved our clients satisfy at their shopping needs in this meat area

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We believe in the quality of our products and, due to this, independent of official control or having external labs services, we count with veterinary technicians in charge of supervising the health of farm animals, as well as subsequent microbiological, chemical and physical testes at the slaughterhouse.

An exclusive monitoring traceability of animals is held, which allow to identify the origin and different stages of production and distribution processes of our products. Focusing on strict parameters, we obtain a product that go beyond from the highest quality and safety to our customers. It should not be forgotten that quality of some of our piglets – identified with a band- it is also reflected in the “Marca de Calidad Procose”, which is achieved through a strict breeding and quality monitoring controls. This distinction makes these products can be within renowned and prestigious “Tierra de Sabor”, into which we can find agrifood products with distinguished quality.

All sold products are produced, processed and transformed into the Community of Castile and León, obeying with the conditions and requirements demands by the Tierra de Sabor Brand Guarantee Using Rules (Reglamento de Uso de la Marca de Garantía Tierra de Sabor).