Do you like suckling pig?

To the oven and done is an EASY, FRESH , CLEAN AND TRADITIONAL Convenience solution that will allow you to enjoy the authentic COCHINILLO DE SEGOVIA at home and at any time.

Dazzle your parents, your partner, your friends ... Or simply enjoy it in solitude. TO THE OVEN AND DONE is the perfect match for any event.

It consists in a FRESH cut of COCHINILLO DE SEGOVIA, not precooked, which may be a quarter or a rack, vacuum packed and seasoned with a pinch of salt.

Its bag is made out of a thermo resistant material, which will allows you to cook the product inside the oven without any risk of contamination

In two hours of roasting at 200ºC you will get a juicy, crispy and golden COCHINILLO, at the height of the profesional master grills.