Like the suckling pig?

Cárnicas Tabladillo,our Company has been dedicated to the slaughter and marketing of the typical white piglet during more than 50 years. Along all these years of experience, one of the most important things we have learnt it is not just the quality of this product, but also its presence.We control the piglets since their births as the farms we work with are owned by us or they work exclusively for us. This helps us to ensure an adequate quality control during all the processes.

We also sell our sucking pigs with the label “Marca de Calidad Procose” (Quality control tracking), which demonstrates a special breeding and a very strict tracking quality control.Thanks of that, they are framed inside the famous Guarantee brand ‘Tierra de Sabor’, whose carry an identification band in order to differentiate from others which does not belong to. One of the new incorporations to our product list is the piglet cutting line, which as you will observe below, offers a wide variety of products.

Through our catalogue would like to show you an overview of our company activity and our activity . Improving and transmitting the nutritional excellence of the piglet has been along all our years of experience our identifying mission. We are able to do so throughout an intense monitoring service, professionalism and quality that we supply to all our customers.


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Like the suckling pig?

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